💓Carmel rocks!💓

My session with Carmel was extremely effective. I experienced major, peaceful upheaval in the two weeks that followed. Immediately after our session I felt very peaceful and serene. Carmel is very intuitive and wise. I could feel the love emanating from her throughout our entire session. Carmel is amazing, and I would recommend her to everyone! 💕💕

- C. N

"I've received many great Readings from very gifted people, but the Reading I got from Carmel is absolutely outstanding. It's brilliant and perfect. It's very deep. And deeply healing. She revealed to me a core choice that is no longer serving me. Now that Carmel brought it to my awareness, I can identify it, I can release it, I can heal it. In fact, I already did. In fact, I felt the healing happening even before I received the message from her at the exact moment she was tuning into my consciousness. Carmel is gifted. Blessed are those who work with her! Thanks Carmel."

- F.S

I loved my session with Carmel! She speaks directly from what God communicates to her through her heart. She easily brought God into the healing session and I felt so healed by his Love that I no longer missed anyone else’s physical comfort. A few hours later, God gave me a pivotal moment to prove my choice. That I chose my Twin Flame, regardless of time or distance. I was given the opportunity to choose someone else. It was in this moment that I was so astonished to how powerful my healing with Carmel was. Carmel’s intuition is undeniable. I was surprised when I found out she actually was not older than me because she is so wise. Thank you so much Carmel, I still think about our session all the time (:

- K.Z

I had an outstanding session with Carmel on December 27, 2018.  We were able to unlock trauma in the second chakra and also the heart and throat chakra.  Carmel is very dedicated and passionate about her work. Her intuitive skills and capabilities are  phenomenal.  My childhood was a bit tumultous and I feel her skills will allow me to unlock and transform some patterns that are effecting my life.  Thank you Carmel for your time and efforts and dedication.

- A.R

I had the most amazing session with Carmel last night,  she is fantastic and guided me through each step and helped me heal some core deep rooted blocks and upsets gave advice on what to expect and how to heal future blocks.  It was emotional and exhilarating,  I feel a huge weight has been lifted .  I would definatly get another session with Carmel.

- K.J.B

Carmel brought me deep into my feelings without hesistation. Her patience and awareness of the truth made me feel safe and loved. I love how she explains God in a way it feels natural.

- L.T.K

That memory clicked in my head and I immediately felt the rush of tears at Carmel’s words. Reading them started the healing process I didn’t even see I needed. So I just wanted to share that as a reminder that sometimes we have issues so deeply rooted that we ourselves don’t even see them anymore, so it’s important to take time and really reflect on the gift that’s given to us by the wonderful people in this community. So thank you Carmel!! You’ve helped me more than I can convey! ❤️

- V.D