Carmel will walk you deeper into love by guiding you through your blocks into your Heaven on Earth.

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Group Coaching

This class is for those who are new to using the Mirror Exercise to heal their Twin Flame Union. In this class we help you master the Mirror Exercise so that you can support yourself at any time on your journey. We will heal individually and collectively as One. Meet new people on the same path as you and develop a flourishing support system for yourself.  

Try 1 class: $11

4 weeks of coaching: $40


 This class is for those who feel comfortable in healing their Twin Flame Union with the teachings provided by Twin Flames Universe and have invested in at least one of Jeff and Shaleia's products. We will go deep in healing your Twin Flame Union individually and collectively as One. 

Attend monthly

(4 wkly classes) : $79

Beginner Group Coaching

 Group Coaching

Sunday 9-10pm EST

Monday 9pm EST


Twin Flame Readings

Twin Flame 1 or 3 Question Card Reading

For each question, I will channel an oracle card and divine healing message for you. Your messages will be imbued with Divine Loving energy to clear the block you're currently facing.  

  • 1 card - $6 USD

  • 3 cards - $15 USD

*Please email your questions to after purchase. You may expect your reading within 72hrs.

Twin Flame Healing Connection Report

(49 USD)

A 2-page report to naturally deepen the connection between you and your Twin Flame. Includes:

  • A divinely channeled oracle card and message to heal your connection with your Twin Flame.

  • 3 divinely channeled decrees to heal connection with your Twin Flame.

  • A Channeled Message from your Twin Flame's Higher Self.

  • A Poem from your Twin Flame's Higher Self.

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"Wow, Carmel. Thank you so much for this report, it did so much for me. Thank you for offering this.
The composition of the report is awesome. I really like the part of the healing decrees."

- Nikii B 

Twin Flame Romance and Life Purpose Transformation Reading
(79 USD)

Love and Life Purpose are the grand pillars in which your Twin Flame Union stands on. Mastering these core areas in your Union will guide you significantly deeper into love with your Twin Flame.
I will be channelling 3 Oracle Cards from the decks' Romance Attraction Oracle (Doreen Virtue), Life Purpose Oracle (Doreen Virtue), Sacred Travellers Oracle (Denise Linn). Your Romance Attraction and Life Purpose cards come with channelled messages and decrees imbued with divine guidance and healing, and your Sacred Travellers card will come with a channelled message and decree to ground your healing and provide you with the next steps to move forward on your journey. 

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