Twin Flames - Don't give up!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

If you knew what your Twin Flame journey truly was, you know it as something you can't give up on. It's a good thing! This post gives you insight to what your Twin Flame journey is, and why it's so good!

Let's get down and dirty shall we. Straight to the answer! You can't give up on your Twin Flame journey, because it is your Life. "No way!...My Twin Flame is with another woman/man on the other side of the planet. The last thing they are is my Life!"

Well here's the thing... you've always been on your Twin Flame journey. They are You. Let that sink in. They are You. The being reading this now, is also the being of your Twin Flame. They're thinkin' what you're thinkin' honey!

You were created with them, as One. Your purpose is in being with them, creating with them, serving with them, deepening with them and enjoying life with them. Here's the thing also...You can't run away from them or forget them. Because they're your eternal partner. But trust me, you don't want to run or forget them.

And here's why:

Your Twin Flame was given to you, so that you may have everything you desire. So that your heart may be filled with only Peace. So that each day, you are filled with purpose, freedom and abundance.

What I have come to know is, my peace and fulfilment is in knowing knowing myself and being that. You and I are not different.

Let's be real here. How uncomfortable is it to run around like a headless chicken, not having pinpointed who you are, what your purpose is, what you're doing here?

And that is the gift your Twin Flame brings you. The discovery of all you are how you relate to Life.

We were created and we exist. There is no ceasing to exist. Life is eternal. Life is also beautiful. By embracing your Twin Flame relationship (your relationship with Yourself) You will realise it's something you would never run from, because you are so beautiful.

You can't give up on your Twin Flame journey, because it is your Life. You can try numb it, and push it away. But you are only pushing your peace and purpose away. And those 2 things (peace and purpose) you will always have deep in your core. But it is up to you, to choose that for yourself. Your Twin Flame relationship will always be there, because it's who You are. Trust me when I tell you, "your Twin Flame journey is your calling." And it's yours, because it is beautiful, it is divine, it is invaluable. It is You.

Thank you for receiving, Carmel.

Whether you're new to Twin Flames or have known of Twin Flames for a while, here are some resources to take you deeper on your journey: Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover (Highly recommend! Contains the Mirror Exercise which is the primary tool for healing your Twin Flame Union) (A safe place to learn about Twin Flames and ask your Twin Flame questions) Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia Youtube (My profound Twin Flame Spiritual Teachers who took me into deep understanding of this journey and relationship)

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