Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. You carry the same soul blueprint.

Everything that you think they are doing, is actually what you are doing to yourself. For example, I was annoyed that my Twin Flame was trying to help me a lot. I was annoyed at him and he triggered me here!... but when I actually went within myself to heal this block with the mirror exercise, I realised I was the one with the block to receiveing help from my divine masculine. This is what he was helping me heal within myself by triggering me, so that once I heal it, I can be truely open to receivng his love and support in my life. We as Twin Flames were partnering together to clear a block of control in our Union. A block towards receiving help and towards surrendering to our natural states in our Union, where the Divine Masculine gives, and the Divine Feminine receives. And that is part of the relationship between Twin Flames. You will mirror and trigger eachother, so that you can heal the upsets you carry in your one consciousness, and unify deeper and deeper, you relationship becoming jucier and jucier in Love. You can work this process of healing these triggers, all the way into your perfect eternal Union. When your Twin Flame mirrors and triggers you, it is only them loving you. There is no need to take the actions and behaviours from your Twin Flame personally, if they are not acting from a place of love. The best tool I have found and utilised so far, which brought me into my Twin Flame Harmonious Union, is the Mirror Exercise, taught to me by my Twin Flame Spiritual Teachers' Jeff and Shaleia from Twin Flames Universe. Your external reality, is a mirror of you inner self. You can use the mirror exercise to heal and transform all areas of your life. Can you imagine the power of this tool when you apply it to your Twin Flame Union? When your twin flame is you! Your perfect mirror. It is so powerful for direct healing and will absolutely fastrack you into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It did so for me, it has worked for me and 27 other Harmonious Twin Flame Unions' and counting. It has transformed thousands of peoples lives. I highly recommend learning the Mirror Exercise yourself and applying it to your Twin Flame Union! <3 You won't regret it! xx Here are some Mirror Exercise resources: Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover (Mirror Exercise Chapter 5) The Mirror Exercise Youtube Video And ofcourse, if you're ready to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I am ready to coach you! I offer Twin Flame readings and coaching sessions on my website + Follow me on Instagram for free Twin Flame Education + Follow me on Youtube for free Twin Flame Education The Golden Ticket to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union! Click here! Hope you're having a great day! Love Carmel xx

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