Overcoming the core block to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Hello everyone,

My heart was generously called to write about overcoming the core block to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. To achieve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you only have to overcome your core blocks to Love - You do not have to heal absolutely everything before achieving Harmonious Twin Flame Union. However, you do continue to heal toward perfection after you achieve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The first time I had physical contact with Jeff Ayan, my Spiritual and Twin Flame Guru, in our Twin Flame Ascension School Class, he showed me I had a deep core upset with Divine Mother to heal. This had manifest through my relationship with my biological mother. There was a lot of upset and unresolved trauma in our relationship. My biological mother was reflecting to me the unresolved trauma towards the divine mother within myself.

This same core upset, was manifest through my life right from birth. My mother and I had a traumatic birth experience. I remember as a child feeling angry toward her and distant from her, and always felt safety and comfort with my dad. To be clear, this had nothing to do with my mum, but unresolved trauma within myself I was choosing to hold onto. It was my responsibility to resolve it.

In early primary school I had fought on and off with another girl all the way through to high school. This was another person I had chosen to have a relationship with to heal my patterns with the divine mother/feminine. The energy I was expreiencing with each feminine energy was the same - distant, anger, hatred, less than, not enough.

I also never felt comfortable, relaxed or safe around girls, and so naturally gravitated towards boys to spend my time with.

These were all manifestations of my core block to love with the Divine Mother/ Feminine.

Right before attaining your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you heal your core block to love. You heal what seems so dark and scary and real, and you come to realise only love was there the entire time.

My relationship with my soul sister Chrissy was my last hurdle to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. God had brought us very close in relationship to heal this. For a period of time, I was Chrissy’s personal assistant for Mind Alignment Process Inc. Right before achieving my HTFU, Chrissy’s presence was an immediate and present trigger for a couple weeks on end. I felt pressed and scared and this block had all of my attention. It required all of my focus including routinely waking up each morning and doing deep inner work and investing in some of the best Twin Flames Universe Ascension Coaches I know. I feared both abandonment and attack from Divine Mother simultaneously. This was the upset I was resolving within myself. It was totally insane, as Chrissy has invested only Love into in all the time I had known her. But that is what the ego does, it is such a lie, and it is so weak that is screams loudly to try to survive. So you must look it in the face, and face it down with Love, all the way until its resolution.

I overcame this core block, because I persisted all the way through, and shortly after, I achieved my Harmonious Twin Flame Union with my man. My core relationship with my biological mother has also improved. There is now a presence of maturity, mutual boundaries and unconditional love between us. We have an established relationship that we are maintaining.

So that is my story of overcoming my core block to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. My blocks were a pattern prevalent and manifest throughout my life experience. And when I was ready to heal, I was guided through it. When you choose your Perfect Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will heal your core blocks to love, and you will be guided and supported the entire way. God/ The Universe completely supports you in your choice in Love. The way will be shown, you are ready and you can take as gentle of a process as you please. The pace of your healing is up to you. I chose to heal fast, so I could have all that I desire and because I knew the fear wasn’t real in the first place, so why hold onto it at all? If you’re ready to heal your Twin Flame Separation completely, jump on over to and book a free consultation with a Master Certified/Cerfitied Ascension Coach. I am a Certified Ascension Coach for Twin Flames Universe who also offers free Consultations. You can send me a message if you'd like a Twin Flames Universe Consultation with me personally! (: I wish you all the best on your Twin Flame journey, and bless your Twin Flame Union. Lots of Love and Blessings,

Carmel xxx

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