How to manifest your Twin Flame Union by living your Life Purpose!

By living your Life Purpose, you begin to attract your Twin Flame into your life. You and your Twin Flame are one at the core and are designed to live life as one, sharing one life purpose. Coming together and partnering with your Twin Flame in your true Life Purpose happens naturally, as you simply follow your own path of your life’s purpose. Today I want you to know that following your own heart is enough to fall into your Twin Flame Union. You do not have to look at your Twin Flame and try to figure out what you need to do to be loved by them, or to partner with them. My story demonstrates this perfectly, and I would like to share with you how everything unfolded perfectly for me. My story begins with a false Twin Flame experience. My false Twin Flame was a sports coach, and I was really good at sports. It looked like there was perfect partnership there. When I look back on my some of my patterns and behaviours, I found myself controlling being a sports coach, because I thought this is where we would partner together. I leaked a lot of energy in trying to create a sporting program and becoming a sports coach, and yes, something always felt ‘off’ about it. It felt really forced and controlled, but I thought working in this space of sports coaching was surely the remedy to going deeper into my Harmonious Twin Flame Union, by the way everything was presenting itself. Eventually, as God invited me deeper into my healing, it was time for me to surrender sports coaching, and to share myself where healing was needed in collective consciousness. Healing, has been my primary life purpose all along. All Life Purposes are healing, but I am talking about claiming and perusing directly providing healing at the core. There is no need to resist God’s natural calling for you, because he will always be guiding you closer to your Twin Flame, no matter what it looks like on the outside. In fact, as I was getting ready to let this sports coaching role go completely, I manifested meeting my True Twin Flame for the first time. I did not know he was my Twin Flame, but we had found each other. I thought my true Twin Flame was ‘over there’ coaching football as I answered God’s call to be a healer. But he was my false Twin Flame. What was important, was I continued to follow God’s calling for me, even if it looked like I was moving further away from my ‘Twin Flame’, or that I would have ‘less contact/relationship’ with him. How can you have less contact/relationship with your Twin Flame if you follow God? What does my Harmonious Twin Flame Union partnership look and feel like? From my personal experience with Ruofan, the partnership feels perfect and seamless. It is so perfect, easy and natural, because you are one and they are you. All you have to do, is follow God’s call, and there you will find yourself in Union and partnership with your Twin Flame. So, if there is any part of your that’s trying to ‘put your Twin Flame Union together’ through your Life Purpose, instead, surrender to God’s calling for you, and co-create with Him from that place. This is how you truely manifest partnership with God, and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. There is no need to ‘make,’ there is only need to ‘create’ as we have learnt from our Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia from Twin Flames Universe. I hope this blog post provided insight so that you may just relax, and know that following your own heart is enough. You do not have to change or manipulate yourself to be with your Twin Flame. Doing and creating what you love is enough. Being yourself is enough. Your Twin Flame loves and recognises you, when you are yourself. And they absolutely fall in love with you when you be yourself, because you are them, and you are perfect for them.

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