How to heal your Twin Flame Union through creative expression!

Have you been honouring your creative side in all the different ways God created you to be you? Sports, Painting, Music, Cooking, Art, Creating! Does getting to know yourself and express yourself in these areas attract, harmonise and cultivate your Twin Flame Union? Absolutely! A couple days ago, I had my first proper club football/soccer match again after a few years off, and boy did it feel great!

In getting to know myself through Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame work I have discovered an aspect of me that creates through movement and body expression. What are some creative ways that you love expressing yourself? I found I receive a lot of respect, praise and natural support in this area from those around me. That is what happens when you master a piece of yourself that God created you to be and express. I had been out of the game for a couple years and my first game back the Divine Masculines were fully supporting me in this space. An old friend Rui saw me warming up and asked if I wanted better sized shorts to play in. I felt very loved. My shorts were fine, but he was offering an even better size. I always told God I wanted to play in good fitting football kits. Then after my match my dad took my out to dinner and re-fuelled me after the match. My Twin Flame texted me after my game to see if I scored goals and ‘kicked ass,’ Sure did! Nurturing these parts of ourselves, these creative aspects of ourselves, can be an important piece in managing our energy & processing our feelings and simply experiencing joy with God of course! My relationship with my Twin Flame felt even lighter after expressing myself in my body, it makes us both happy. How do you like to creatively express these yourself? What blocks do you have to expressing all different aspects of your creative self? I really got to know these creative parts of myself through Life Purpose Class! Watch the first 3 FREE Life Purpose Classes here -

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