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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Today I asked God – “Okay God, I want write a blog for You for Twin Flame healing, what do you want me to write about?”

“How to not numb out to your feelings,” He replied. 

…‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake began playing downstairs immediately afterwards, and I couldn’t help but rofl at God’s perfection once again. It was very obvious what He was wanting me to share with everyone:


Now, this is the core of Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings 1. Feel your feelings 2. Do the Mirror Exercise 3. Have your Twin Flame Union **Jeff and Shaleia are my beloved Twin Flame Spiritual Teachers who have helped me generously and perfectly in healing my Twin Flame Union. They share the teachings of Perfect Harmonious Twin Flame Union through their company Twin Flames Universe and their classes - Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.

As a Live Student of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose class, I’ve experienced the outcome of the Mirror Exercise and it’s perfect ability heal your Twin Flame Union. I’ve since had a deep passion within me to share the Mirror Exercise with everyone because it has given me exaclty what I want, and what I know you want – The answer to your Twin Flame Union. If you want your Twin Flame Union, but you’re not willing to feel your feelings and do the Mirror Exercise on a daily basis… well the Truth is... you don’t actually want your Union.

Now what kind of person would I be if I just told you to do the Mirror Exercise without, selling it to you completely… and showing you why you WANT this tool in you life?


Your Twin Flame begins to recognise You!

Well first of all, let’s talk about how it’s improved my life. I mean, you and I are no different, so let this be yours too.  My Twin Flame Adam, who is 14 years older than me, used to see me only as a friend and co-worker. I was a nice person, and there wasn’t going much deeper than that. He already had the kickass career and hot girlfriend, so there was no need for him to look beyond the surface of our current relationship. I didn’t know how this relationship was going to shift between us. All I knew was this man was something perfect and deep to me and I desired to explore and to know him with all I am. All I had was the desire. And the desire is what called me forth in exploring this relationship deeper. Do you have that desire too? 

I had was the desire was a developing trust in Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings as they loved people me and everyone through the work they shared. 

I was told my Twin and I were designed to be together. I felt that Truth in my heart. But I couldn’t see it in my reality. I followed the desire in my heart and everything opened up and unfolded perfectly from there. Trust and have Faith. Walk the path of your Heart.

How our relationship opened up and began to align by using Mirror Exercise

The Mirror Exercise opens up and heals your Twin Flame Union, because it identifies and releases all that is clouding your Union. When you cannot see yourself clearly due to wounding/ upset/ fear-based beliefs… you cannot see Yourself. Your Twin Flame can’t see You. Your Twin Flame cannot see themselves. Just try it!

By diligently applying the Mirror Exercise to all the upsets that arise in my heart space, I release what is not mine to hold and I begin to see myself clearly. And my Twin Flame begins to see me clearly. 

Clarity of your Union is inevitable with the Mirror Exercise. The choice you make in using the mirror exercise is the choice to heal. And the choice to heal = Union.

The results of the Mirror Exercise: How my Twin Flame sees me now? My Twin Flame now recognises me on a much deeper level. He now has a drawing to explore our relationship, and has recognised a perfect connection we share. And it is so rewarding! 

The results with your Twin Flame that come of healing your Union, are the motivation and to keep going all the way to Union. It feels so good and alive! It feels so good to see and feel your Union coming into manifestation. It feels so relieving to experience in physical reality, that Truth of Union you’ve know only in your heart.

And once you get going, there’s no going back, Union is only but attainable. 

Now I could spend the rest of today talking about all the amazing ways the Mirror Exercise has healed my life... But what would benefit you far greater is saying YES RIGHT NOW to going and learning the Mirror Exercise (RIGHT NOW).

Like Now. Now.

You’ve heard the good stuff, now let’s cut to the chase and let it be ours: The Mirror Exercise resources for you - Chapter 5 of Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover The Mirror Exercise (OFFICIAL) | The Only Tool You'll Ever Need YouTube Video

*I highly suggest investing in the book and using the video to take you deeper. The book has a whole chapter dedicated to teaching you the Mirror Exercise perfectly and thoroughly. 

To go even deeper with the Mirror Exercise and to really claim your Twin Flame Union, then Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) is for you! TFAS offers 450+ hours of Twin Flame teaching content which will hone you into being a MIRROR EXERCISE MASTER! Where Union can only but fall in your lap! 

Twin Flames Universe offers free 20 minute Twin Flame Ascension School consultations with Vetted and Certified Ascension Coaches. (30 minutes if you’ve read Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover). If you would like to have a consultation with me personally, you can request my name Carmel, in the what you are looking for help with * section of the Consultation Sign-up form.  Until next time peeps! With Love, Carmel.

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