Are you placing your Twin Flame on a Pedestal?

Initially, I put my Twin Flame on a pedestal and it felt terrible. It didn’t serve my Union at all. If you are putting your Twin Flame on a pedestal, it’s time to bring awareness to this part of yourself so you can dissolve the pattern and align with your Twin Flame Union <3! What does it look like to put your twin flame on a pedestal? It may look something like this: “Look at my Twin Flame, they're so sexy, they're is so attractive, they're so successful.....I’ll never be good enough for them... I have so much healing to do before they will even consider me as their lover.” The core belief of separation you are holding onto here is that “you are not enough for your Twin Flame," or "you are not good enough for yourself." If this belief that 'you are not good enough' for your Twin Flame is in your consciousness, is it going to affect your relationship with your Twin Flame? Ultimately yes. Any belief out of alignment with love doesn't serve your Twin Flame Union.

We collectively have to make the choice to let this 'I'm not enough' belief go. We collectively have to choose to love ourselves in all the places we believe we are 'not good enough.' The truth is, we don’t have to do anything to be 'good enough' or to be 'good enough for love.' Love is your birthright. You were created as a perfect being of Love, and that is who you are. That is your truth. Nothing can take that away. The Divine, Source, God, holds nothing against you. They only see you for who you truly are...a divine child... perfection. Only you can choose to hold things against yourself, and you no longer have to. Love yourself here and say "I am enough." Your Twin Flame connection in truth is peaceful. It is a subtle peace at the core. It is gentle and harmonious. Your Twin Flame is you. They are your perfect teacher, friend, partner and your lover. They are your equal and they are as perfect as you are. Let them be your equal. They are just another person like you. Let your relationship be easy and peaceful and choose to be calm, content and confident within yourself. This will bring you great peace, and peace is where your Harmonious Twin Flame Union lay. Your Twin Flame relationship is not some super, fanatical, fantastical, magic land, out of this world relationship. It is actually a very normal and natural state of being for you to live in. Your Twin Flame is who you were created with and designed for. Your compatibility is natural and peaceful. Relaxing around them and within yourself will help your relationship tremendously.

You are enough. You are a perfect divine child. Your Twin Flame is your equal. Let your relationship with them be normal, relaxed and easy.


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Lots of love, Carmel xx

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