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Your body is your Temple for your Ascension journey, and I desire help you feel comfortable, at ease and safe in your relationship with your body.

 I have spent many lifetimes mastering my relationship with my body by finding peace within, and it is my honour to share this healing with You.

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This 7 question channeled reading, including a channeled chakra oracle card, provides insight to the core block to healing and expanding your relationship with your body. Also receive a channeled physical exercise perfectly suited to you.

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Carmel will help you gently identify and release blocks to your perfect relationship with your body. 

Yoga at Home

This reading is alive and raw. This is such a unique reading. To get more clear and acquainted with my body needs, and from the center of heart and mind, feels very potent. Immediately, all of it resonates. And will even deeper as I read and receive it a second time. Thank you. 

Stephanie Rose


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