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Ascension Coaching

Invest in your Twin Flame Ascension journey with the support you need. In these sessions, Carmel will guide you masterfully through the Mirror Exercise so that you can cultivate a life of total fulfillment that your heart desires.


Single Sessions

1 hr Introductory Coaching Session

$30 USD (Save 45%)

In this 1 hour Introductory Session, I will guide you through the Mirror Exercise and provide the next steps on your Twin Flame Ascension journey.

*New Clients Only

1 hr Ascension Coaching Session

$55 USD

In this 1 hr Coaching Session, I will guide you through your current blocks to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond.


Packages & Subscriptions

Introductory Package (4 Sessions)

$110 (Save 50%)

Receive a stable start to your Twin Flame journey with an Introductory Package! 4 Ascension coaching sessions at 50% off if you are a new client. *New Clients Only

Weekly Coaching

$160 USD/4 Weeks

With a subscription to weekly coaching, you will have a 1 hr one-on-one coaching session every week at a set time that works for you. Weekly coaching will be billed every 4 weeks.

4 Ascension Coaching Sessions

$200 USD

Save $20 compared to buying 4 individual coaching sessions. 

8 Ascension Coaching Sessions

$375 USD

Save $65 compared to buying 8 individual coaching sessions.